Perennial Research Center for Law
Perennial Research Center for Law is established in 1991 by Yung-Ran Lee. The center offers continuing legal education on various topics to the general public and specific commercial and business groups. We also organize lectures and conferences for legal professionals.
Facing the rapid economy changes, individuals and companies need legal knowledge to protect their investment and to succeed in the severe competitions. Our goal is to assist individuals and businesses in learning legal knowledge and building up legal consciousness.
Our research and teaching team consists of lawyers, real estate attorneys, tax consultants, and accountants who are leading experts in their fields, as well as university professors and government officials. Since 1991, Perennial Research Center for Law has provided numerous training courses to more than 100,000 trainees. Our value is to exalt legal expertise and knowledge through research and education.
The training courses for second half of year 2008 are summarized as following:

1. Sale/Purchase of Property: Regulations, Documentation and Process
2. Tax Strategies on Property Sale/Purchase
3. Registration of Property and Ownershi
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Address: 7F, No. 9, Roosevelt Road, Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-2356-0809
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•Perennial Research Center for Law•Tel: 886-2-2356-0809•Fax: 886-2-2391-5811 •
•Address: 7F, No. 9, Roosevelt Road, Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan