Perennial Culture Publishing Inc.
Founded by Yung-Ran Lee, the Perennial Culture Publish Inc. is established in 1987. We publish books and publications on a wide variety of legal topics ranging from family law, real estate investment, business law, to international interests such as legal developments in Mainland China. We are the first publisher among the Taiwanese peers who focus not on law textbook, but book on legal knowledge that are pragmatic for the general public.

In consideration of many disputes can be avoided, many rights can be protected if a litigant has better and clearer legal knowledge, our founder Y.R. Lee formed Perennial Culture Publishing Inc to make legal knowledge more available to all. Our philosophy is to publish high quality, reader-friendly books with practical legal knowledge in order to generate legal awareness, building up legal knowledge and strengthen legal ability of the society.

Since printing our first book, Perennial Culture Publishing Inc has striven for producing easy-to-read, pragmatic legal publications for readers. We have published more than 700 books since 1987, and successfully extended our readers base from legal and business professionals to young students and general public. It is our goal to help every reader enjoy learning laws and regulations related to our everyday life.

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Address: 7F, No. 9, Roosevelt Road, Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel: 886-2-2356-0809
Fax: 886-2-2391-5828

•Perennial Culture Publishing Inc. •Tel: 886-2-2356-0809• Fax: 886-2-2391-5828 •
•Address: 7F, No. 9, Roosevelt Road, Section 2, Taipei, Taiwan